Free Download Platinum hide IP

A characteristic article of the information is - undersize and really expedient functioning.

Main features of Platinum Conceal IP:
* Protects from any parcel that tries to "varan" of your preferences or result you on a unique IP tact
* Helps to avoid the use of your personal substance to direct email and remaining trash
* Protects against hackers by hiding the IP-address as symptomless as aggregation around the operative group
* Noesis to often transfer IP-addresses increases department
* Enable and change Fell IP as you want in one plosive
* Allows you to road the restriction of the owners of both resources on users from fated countries or geographical regions
* For use with mail-service to bare nameless letters

Use Platinum Pelt IP to maintain your actual IP accost concealed, seek anonymously, tight all the protocols on your PC, ply increase cryptography of your activeness spell working in Net, and often statesman.

Key FeaturesAnonymize Your Web Surfing
Your echt IP is hidden when you switch on the Cyberspace, duty your online state from existence tracked by others. Protect Your Identity
Nameless web surfboarding enables you to forestall identity thieves from concealing your identity or remaining individualized accumulation, and protect your machine secure from coder attacks or other risks. Select IP State and Verify IP
Placeholder lists of many countries are enabled and you resolve to select one land from the Choose IP Land window. You can inspection the rife IP speak direct. Channelize Anon. Emails
Transfer unnamed emails through any web supported post system such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites
Alter your IP speech and then you can get unbanned yourself from any forums or remaining closed websites that know e'er illegal you from.