Free Download PStart

PStart is a simple tray tool user-defined programs to start. Designed for portable applications (like Portable Firefox and Thunderbird) to run, you can be run from USB key devices or removable disks start.
PStart install locally on your hard drive for an additional start menu with a quick search of the program.
PStart install on your USB flash drive portable applications easily start and important documents or files opened.

PStart not necessarily need to be installed on your hard drive. Run the installer and choose: you can install PStart on your local hard drive or removable device.
Unlike Windows shortcuts, PStart use relative paths, when installed as a portable application. If your USB key drive is another drive letter if you are in another computer, your portable applications still can be started correctly. This means you can use applications PStart you burn a CD to boot (and not the letter of the station does not know).
Of course, all applications are portable, but more and more software vendors notice, that people like the idea of ​​carrying their applications with them. All future requests Pegtop be portable (be patient). And there's a portable version of Firefox, Thunderbird, or even software development suites like Eclipse. PStart is a 100% freeware, which means that you can use it without paying, without publicity, and without other disadvantages (no spyware, no hidden costs) Of course you are allowed to create a link to this site, but you should not publish this product elsewhere, not a direct download link without permission.