How to easily create virus to restart ur friends pc

Okay, I know that many technologies are available to restart the computer. But all the basic knowledge of programming techniques is required. But this technique does not need to know the programming language, but you only need a little programming knowledge.can.

Remember this folks, is not a real virus and a virus as a prime example, but not to sell you something I want to teach programming. So let's begin.

What is batch programming?
Microsoft Windows operating system batch programming offered by the programming language.
can begin to start it again.

Open Notepad and paste the first code after it.

! CD
Close / 30 T / R / C "on your computer detects a virus"

Bat now. Save it with extension as. Run the file and thats.

/ T shows that the time interval can be changed.
/ R indicates the restart windows, you just close the window / S may change.
/ C indicates that the message you want to display.